Reylyn Belle Novela Limos, that's my real name. I have no choice but to live with it and LOVE it. My friends call me "Reylz" "Belle" Belya" "Bella" etc. but anyone's free to call me anything they want because that would not define the REAL me though :D Sometimes I just Can't avoid to care on what other people think of me. But God always remind me to be simple 'cause nothing is more important than what God looks at you.

I LOVE JESUS. I love my Family. I love my Friends. And I LOVE MYSELF.

I made this account to practice myself into writing. I also made this to express and not to impress. And lastly, to spread HIS word <3

I am HAPPY and that's most times :D Because God makes me HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL.


Shems! Namimiss ko na ung taong tumatawag sakin neto. Kung karamihan nung HS eh Garfield tawag saken siya Odie ang tawag saken nyaahahhaha. Kahit dati nakakabanas, ngayon narealize kong nakakatuwa pala Hahaha. ANW kung sana naaalala niya pa to :D

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